Jessica Standifird has been published in Perceptions: A Magazine For The ArtsMicrofiction Monday Magazine, Bear The Pall: An Anthology on the Loss of Parents, War Stories 2017: An Anthology on the Effects of War, Unchaste Vol. II AnthologyThe Manifest Station, and in the upcoming  Ladybox Zine Trilogy.


Jessica Standifird has been editing since 1998. She has edited everything from marketing materials to poetry manuscripts. Her most recent projects include In The Fat by Sally K. Lehman and Glue by Constance Ann Fitzgerald. She specializes in copyediting and structural editing. Her focus is maintaining the author's voice while honing the work to highlight its strengths.


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Jessica has an extensive background in developing, organizing, and conducting writing workshops. She incorporates other art forms and tactile materials into her curriculum to bring out new ways of looking at writing and expression, and to emphasize the connections made during the writing process.


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You can contact me for more information about my writing, editing, workshops, or my band, Bright & Shiny.