Bright & Shiny is over the moon to announce the first single off our upcoming album, Fallow Ground.

Grey and Blue of the Western Shore will be released in one week. Friday, October 13th, which happens to be frontman Jonathan Oak's birthday!

This is one of my favorite songs to perform, and listening to it come together in the studio has been a lot of fun. I always enjoy learning/watching/participating in the processes behind creative ventures. The mechanics of what it sometimes takes to bring art to the world is fascinating. I love what our producer, Ross Wilson of Kuna Records, has done with it. I think he's managed to highlight some of the intensity we get in our live shows. He's also been super patient in putting up with me, probably the only member of the band not to have recorded before. 🙂 I'll make another announcement once it's released with places you can go to find it.

7 days and counting . . . .

In the meantime, ask for it at your local radio stations, tell your friends, and come check us out next Thursday, October 12, at Al's Den with the incredible Gaelynn Lea!




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