What To Expect

I work closely with my clients to ensure their voice and intent come through in their work. I will ask to meet with you in person or online to discuss your goals and the intent behind your project. If I'm not familiar with your previous work, I may ask for examples to get a true feel for your voice.

While editing, I keep in close contact and seek client feedback on the direction the project is headed. I keep my clients updated on my progress on a regular basis.

Preserving your voice and intent, having the work flow easily for the reader, and creating clean copy are my primary goals.


Copyediting - Check for grammar and spelling errors, overall accuracy and ease of reading for the intended audience.

Fees: $35 per hour

Proofreading - Final check for accuracy and errors before publication

Fees: $25 per hour

Comprehensive Editing - Check for intent and concept in document, looks at the structure, design, and flow of document, assesses the ease and appropriateness for the intended audience.

Fees: $40 per hour

What now?

Have further questions, or would you like to inquire about editing services? Drop me a line!