Bright & Shiny

We are a dark cabaret band based out of Portland, OR. We enjoy each other as people and performers. We have a sad habit. We are seriously silly.

We're working on our first album with Kuna Records, Fallow Ground, due out by the end of 2017.

We are:


Jonathan Oak - Piano, Singer, Songwriter
Furiously Fantastic Frontman
Favorite phrase: "Again!"



Matt CMatt C - Bass, Backup Vox, Songwriter
He has a hat and isn't afraid to use it.
Favorite phrase: "We should be a band!"



Jessica AnnJessica Ann - Uke, Banjolele, Backup Vox
The Mistress Of The Drone
Favorite phrase: "What chord is that?"



Julie ClaireJulie Claire McGowan - Melodica, Main Vox, Backup Vox
Siren of the Sad
Favorite Phrase: "You're killing me."



Tomoki MartensTomoki Martens - Violin, backup vox
Keeper of the Class
Favorite Phrase: "I don't remember what I played."



Mac McGowanMac McGowan - Percussion, backup Vox
He plays it lazy
Favorite phrase: "I got it."