So much going on!

I found out today that I've been selected to be in this year's Unchaste anthology! Such exciting news- I've seen women from all around the country, and from right here in Oregon perform at Unchaste events. I couldn't be prouder than to be in this anthology with such a diverse group of women.

LadyboxI'm also looking forward to the Ladybox Zine Trilogy coming out, where you'll get to read all about me losing my virginity. Well, not ALL about it, but....

October 4th, Bright & Shiny will be playing Ash Street Saloon in Portland, OR. It's a sad night. We've been part of a lot of shows there, and this will be our last performance before they close their doors for good.

October 12th, Bright & Shiny will be playing along with Gaelynn Lea and TBA at Al's Den in Portland, OR, for a free show. This is a great opportunity to catch Gaelynn. Pro tip: Gaelynn's playing there October 8th - 13th, and then the 15th, as well. So, if you can't catch her on the 12th, catch her on another night.

Also, I'm back in school and I just learned about fMRIs and studies they've done using them on writers! In case you haven't heard of them, f MRIs are MRIs that run while the person is functioning- in this case, while they're writing. So cool. One study showed that novice writers used the visual centers of the brain while coming up with stories, implicating that they see their stories unfold visually, like movies in their minds. It also showed that experienced writers used the speech centers, indicating their stories unfold in a narrative, that it was being told to them. I plan on researching this some more. Man, I love learning.

I've been updating the site here and there, check out the Friends page for links to organization, readings, bookstores, podcasts, and more.



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